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The Guest Diary APP  is the perfect tool for the Busy B&B or Hotel owner on the move.

'Im either making the breakfast, doing the beds or shopping' said Manager Peter from Durban Residence, 'Now i can follow everything thats going on from my phone. I can see who is arriving or enter reservations i receive by the phone when i am in the aisle in Lidl'.

The App allows Guesthouses to manage their room availability and rates across the major platforms such as and Expedia as well as their website from their Mobile Phone
  • View Reservations in my Diary
  • Enter a Reservation
  • Close Rooms
  • Change Room Rates
  • View Arrivals
  • View Departures
'As soon as i started using the GuestDiary App my sales went up' said Kennedys of Drumcondra owner Martin Tynan, 'Before i just couldnt run to a computer to enter reservations or  make cancelled rooms available onlne again. Now it all happens automatically.'